Prophet Jesus a.s.

by Saif min Suyufillah

According to Islam,Prophet Jesus a.s. is a Holy messenger of God.

He was a normal human being who was sent by God as a Prophet to convey His messages to his nation.

Prophet Jesus a.s. was not crucified but He was saved and raised to the heavens.He would return to this world sometime before the doomsday and at that time,He would remain as the a member of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w’s Muslim nation (ummat).

The Birth of Prophet Jesus a.s. and the confusion of divinity:

It was without father but this should not be the criteria of divinity as Prophet Adam a.s. was born without father and mother.

The miracles of Prophet Jesus a.s. and the confusion of divinity:

The miracles could not be attributed to any single Prophet or messenger.There were numerous Prophets who were sent with many miracles as the sign of God.

Miracles do not mean that the one who is showing them is God.Miracles simply mean that the Messenger is truly from God,He is sent with these signs.

See some of them are mentioned here.

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Every miracle of every Prophet seems to be beyond the confines of human mind,and yet,every Prophet was a messenger of God,not god himself.