Refuting The Islamophobics

by Saif min Suyufillah

How to refute them,who are coming with loads of false claims about Allah,Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w,the Messengers or the Holy Angels?

1.Check the quality of evidence they are providing:

Check out the source.

If they are coming with a lethal accusation,at least the evidence they are providing for it should be known as authentic by the Muslim community.

Quran is something which no Muslim could deny.

Secondly are the ahadees with the confirmation that they are authentic.These are collected in six Books known as Authentic Six,Sihah e Sitta.

If the evidence is something beyond these sources,then definitely the source and the author could be one of the most respectable ones for the Muslims,but not that perfect as Allah or Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w.

I have mentioned the sources other than Quran and Authentic ahadees as Unauthentic sources for the fact that they must be honorable for me and the Muslims all around the world but they are not as superior and 100% perfect as the Holy Quran and the confirmed ahadees/sayings of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w.

2.Check out the whole verse or hadees,with the Arabic words:

Now when the source is confirmed check the wordings of the whole verse or the hadees.Mostly the Islamophobic is highlighting only 2 or 3 words or a term just to create some fitnah.Most of the claims are refuted at this stage.

3.Check other related verses or ahadees:

Now if the whole verse or hadees is mentioning exactly what the critic is thinking,confirm it from the other Quranic verses or ahadees.There are some exceptional cases too.

4.See the verse from other perspectives:

If there are no other verses or ahadees denying it,then see the history or the modern aspects of that verses or hadees.May be the critic is highlighting only one aspect and when we see it from other aspect,there might be nothing as perceived by the critic.