Response to “Muhammad and Poison”

by Saif min Suyufillah


In light of the foregoing we are left with the following points:

  1. Muhammad failed to take his own advise of eating some dates in order to avoid being harmed by either magic or poison. The problem with this position is that we find references in the hadith literature that he did eat dates.
  2. Muhammad may have failed to eat dates on those specific times when he suffered from the ill effects of magic and poison. Two problems with this position. First, we are not told that Muhammad hadn’t eaten dates during those events. Second, Muhammad could have simply eaten dates when he realized that he was bewitched or poisoned in order to undo their harmful effects.
  3. Muhammad’s medicinal advice was simply wrong and cannot protect from magic and poison. Any Muslim who thinks otherwise is free to try it at his or her own risk.
  4. The most problematic aspect of all this is that the Jews had claimed that if Muhammad were a true prophet then poison would not have harmed him, and yet poison did harm him to such an extent that he himself believed it caused the illness which eventually led to his death. This means that Muhammad was a false prophet!\


1.How are you so sure that He s.a.w.w. had advised eating Ajwa for the prevention of poisoning and magic,before He s.a.w.w. himself got afflicted?

The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. could have advised them after He s.a.w.w. himself got afflicted so that others would not suffer.

If you have any solid evidence from authentic books then please inform me.

2.Ajwa is for prevention just as the vaccination.

Vaccination prevents a disease but it could not treat the same disease.

3.Already answered it.

4.Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. did not die of that poisoning.

It was obviously not a case of slow poisoning and for the opposite,it would be true if the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. had died at once or the same day.

He s.a.w.w. remained alive for many years after that,won battles,led armies,managed a developing state and then He s.a.w.w. passed away.Your claim is simply idiotic.