Response to:Muhammad and the Seal of Prophethood A Sign or A Physical Deformity?

by Saif min Suyufillah

Something seen when the shirt is taken out,something needing hands to be felt,something mentioned as moles is not a deformity.

Sahih Muslim

Abdullah b. Sarjis reported: I saw Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) and ate with him bread and meat, or he said Tharid (bread soaked in soup). I said to him: Did Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) seek forgiveness for you? He said: Yes, and for you, and he then recited this verse: “Ask forgiveness for thy sin and for the believing men and believing women” (xlvii. 19). I then went after him and saw the Seal of Prophethood between his shoulders on the left side of his shoulder having spots on it like moles. (Book 030, Number 5793)

Sunan of Abu Dawud

Narrated Qurrah ibn Iyas al-Muzani:
I came to the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) with a company of Muzaynah and we swore allegiance to him. The buttons of his shirt were open. I swore allegiance to him and I put my hand inside the collar of his shirt and felt the seal… (Book 32, Number 4071)

It could be larger in area,but not something that much bulging out to be mentioned as deformity except for the people with low IQ or may be your moles could a major deformity.

It was just a pattern of moles or something like that,which was clearly pointing out that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. is the seal of Prophethood.