Response to :Muslim tradition on Heraclius’ response to Muhammad’s invitation

by Saif min Suyufillah

At some places you seem to be sympathizing with Heraclius.

We have also reviewed the Muslim tradition on Heraclius’ meeting with Abu Sufyan and also historical facts about Heraclius. We scrutinized Heraclius’ line of questioning of Abu Sufyan as he tried to understand Muhammad and Islam. Clearly, he was a man who sought to understand before making conclusions. We found that his questions do not adequately reveal if a person is really a true prophet or not, although they can be used to partially assess a person’s sincerity. Most importantly, certain false information were given to Heraclius. If Heraclius were to know the truth of the matter, his conclusions might have been rather different.

At other places you are condemning Him.

Heraclius was a diviner.

A Christian has no business in divination, not even to consult diviners, much less be a diviner himself. If the hadith is true, then Heraclius, according to the Bible, has the judgment of God upon him, and his subsequent losing of Syria and Palestine to the Arabs must also be seen in this light (just as God used the Assyrians and the Babylonians to punish the northern and southern kingdom of Israel and Judah respectively).

Heraclius’ marriage to his niece

In 612 AD, Heraclius’ first wife, Eudocia, died, and in the following year, he married his niece Martina. The marriage of a man with an aunt is forbidden in the Bible (Leviticus 18:12-13), and the reversal of sexual roles is also considered incestuous.

Heraclius lied.

According to this tradition, Heraclius was willing to lie and turn his back from what he knew to be true to save his skin (and throne). Are you sure you want to trust such a man?

So first of all,set your own mind to a single point and then start the discussion.